Friday, November 23, 2007

32 days to go..

32 days to go and it's Christmas time. i wonder how it will be for me. grany's not here anymore,and my aunt...and so is everyone!! great. maybe this'll be my most unforgettable xmas ever. great. ask where my family is?well, dad's religion doesn't believe in xmas. my brother'll probably be with his freakin friends because of this situation. and me? maybe i'll spend it with santa. and the elves. cool, huh?.. and my mom. hi mom! how's it goin' there? could you bother think of us even just for a second? or even wonder how happy your daughter here is?. oh well. i'll tell you anyway. i'm doing fine here. dad's giving all his sweat and blood just to meet all our necessary needs. he's been a mom and a dad for us to cover up for you. don't you worry, he raised us well and didn't tell us any bad stuff about you(as what your brother said). and honestly, he always missed you. and for the record, he's the one apologizing for your freakin leave.

hope you're doing fine wherever you are. hope you remember you still have a family here. yoohoo! hehe. and this xmas, my wish for you is to live longer(we could get to see you then). i wish you could be happy spending xmas eve with your new family(if you have one).
God bless you..

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