Friday, November 23, 2007

at last!!

November 18, 2007
at last!woohoo..
after a stressful week.. phew-hew!.. hehe.. research's through!-regardless of the results. waha!. well anyway.. never to mind that.. atleast we're free from it. failure or not..->not a good reason ain't it? haha! i never really wanted doing research yu knw.. as if i have a choice... so that's it.. hehe.. i had enough of it already..
along with it, goodbye to the sleepovers at mic's.. bye to the reasonable alibi to go home very late.. bye to picture takings.. bye to forcing mhoks to come and get some stinking water sample down tha creek..haha! and the sad part is, i'll miss leaving mic in the room alone at night, dark and to top it all, doors closed, with him still asleep..hahaha! that was a good scare.. hahaha.. sorry mhoks!. haha!.. and the best is, goodbye brainstorming! yeah..
of course, all those goodbyes'r not gonna last.. haha.. we'rs still in 3rd grading.. that's just for one subject.. haha!
.. we ended the week great. haha! having our teacher treat us at the kiosk(cool huh?).. haha. he said it'd serve as a celebration for all of us.'s between the two of them(teachers) and the two of us(students).. hehe.. it's not everyday that i experience this kind of stuff, ya know. hehe.. we ate exotic food(as to my view of it.haha).. maya, frog, and pig's ear.. woah.. i didn't like the appearances alryt.. haha.. but bliv me, it tastes great!.. wehe..4 rounds.. til i saw stars around me. hahaha!.. thanks! it was an unforgettable week-ender.. hehe..

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