Friday, November 23, 2007


i'm paying the toll of being super late!! and when i say late, it's coming 12 when the agreed time is 10am. it's the product of sleeping 3am and waking up fault?-hell yeah! hehe.. so i've got no one to blame. .when i've arrived to our meeting place, they're already gone!(oh brother). and i'm that dumb to realize that i have a cellphone to text them. haha. too late(late.late.late again). so i texted one of them. and yes, they've gone home. great. just great. any suggestions? i can't go home, i've locked our house and i got no freakin keys with me.! yes we'll all meet later again for some school activity but it's not until after 4 hours! oh boy is that long. got no extra money here so i find it more practical if i spend for surfing than go to the mall and what, see the same old stuff and take a walk around for a hundred times(we have a small mall here ya know) or watch a movie(i don't like the now-showing movies here) i'm here at a cafe. killing time. oh, it's 1:55.. 2 hours and 5 minutes to go! haha! good luck bidyan.

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