Friday, November 23, 2007

national fiasco's day

November 13, 2007

well ok, a bit exaggeration on the title.. it's actually more like personal fiasco's day. my fiasco's day.. haha... i woke up this morning smiling(naks.hehe).. i've forgotten bout the card day. haha... then it came. kaboom!(haha.oa).. i was actually waiting for a friend's name.. yeah. we've heard it. haha. quite shocking(m talking about the ranking).. the other shocking thing was I'm ranked 29th! haha. guess how many we were in our class..... 29. haha! coincidence? hahaha.. well anyway. it took me minutes to absorb it. haha. m d dumbest!..sensor all the after events.. haha..
well anywayz.. after the censored scenes,haha, i invited Mic to watch stardust(ya know, to ease myself.haha).. what could be worse? the lady on the ticket booth said it's too early for complementary passes. haha. we have to wait for other viewers.. damn it..we waisted 2 hrs for nothing.. it's when we realized we got a deadline to meet!and it's tomorrow. our investigatory project..haha. nice trip..
we head back to tagatala(school).. i was left. 'til i fall asleep(so much for the project).. when i woke up, i went for a walk. some of my classmates saw me and they were like "van, what happened?!" "nagbinuang ka noh?".. blah..blah.. they were talking bout the ranking alryt.. hell.. i went home with the rest of the gang(pee-ar).. and i received a very inspiring word from b1.. hehe.."save the best for LAST".. cool huh?.. hahaha.. i felt better.. thanks bez.. haha..
at the end of the day, it was still all my fault.. i've been a fiasco.. blame it all to myself.. I've been expecting my rank but it still was a pain in the ass. haha!..
am i depressed? the hell i am. hahAha!!
p.s. oh, and the third problem of the day?? up to this very hour, we haven't finished our project yet.. hahaha! tah-tah..

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