Friday, November 23, 2007


just to kill time.. coz friendster can't accomodate bulletins anymore on this day, i'll just her..hehe

1. Where have you been an hour ago?♣ bed
2. State your name?♣ bidyan
3. Do you like your name?♣ ok lng.very common.
4 . Can you remember what you didon the first day of your school?♣ i went school late as usual. then discovered they're aleady going out. oh great.
5. What do you want to be ten yearsfrom now?♣ a happy person with our clan. haha
6. What do you feel upon receivingemails? ♣ normal..?
7. At what age you first learned touse a pc?♣ 5. think so. but it was just all typing games. hehe
8. Have you ever eaten any exoticfood?♣ yeah.
9. What was the last illness that youhad?♣ fever. now ulcer's next
1 0. Do you like listening to rapmusic?♣ dpnds.
12 . What did you do last 1stNovember 2007?♣ got grounded.. no traditional visiting the dead for us here.
13 . When was the last time youdanced?♣ yesterday.? we always do. haha
14. When was the last time youbrowsed the Bible?♣ a hundred years ago. tsk. bad girl.
15. When was the last time you wentto?♣ huh? went where?
16. What is the brand of your firstwristwatch? ♣ memory lost.
17. Look at your back. what did yousee?♣ wall.
18. Say something about the personwhom you like..♣ fun to be with..
19. Does he/she like you back?♣ dpn't think so.haha.m pathetic
20 . What did you have for breakfast?♣ i woke up 11am(damn!) so i bliv it's not breakfast anymore..
22. What do you usually say whenyou meet a person?♣ i don't talk. i just give an evil stare.
23. Do you agree on the saying"to forgive is to forget?"♣ that's a no-no. i can forgive. i can't forget. sorry.
24. Last thing you held beforeusingthe computer?♣ a bottle.

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