Friday, November 23, 2007

words from a girl hu's half asleep.. hehe

November 14, 2007
here i am again.. infront of this computer.. for the same reason.. our project.. damn it.. not that our project's a boom but we still have worked hard for it(yeah).. sleepless nyts(literally).. i slept 2 am and woke up 6.. aargh!but i don't despise this project that much(nor the adviser.haha!) i'm actually just blaming this printer. it's printing hell! how many pieces of paper were waisted! not to mention my time. it's been an hour since i started printing.. 47 pages.. and guess what... m still on the 29th page!(am i starting to be a 29-fanatic?!)
oh boy am i sleepy.. need to sacrifice to avoid the mouth of many droplets..
haven't even eaten my dinner yet.. ulcer's waiting for me..
m starving!!!
if this printer won't work, m gonna eat that dog barking outside!..haha.. kidding..
oh gosh.. God help me.... help!!!

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