Monday, December 17, 2007

my xmas check-list

xmas check list(more like an ex-list.argh)

-stuff that are 'xmasy'.. hehe.. do i experience/have them? hehe.hhmm..-

9 mornings - gonna be a check =]

snow - ex

snowman - duh. ex

mistletoe - ex

poinsettia - ex

xmas tree - ex

presents under the tree - of course. ex

xmas lights - ex

(conclusion: we don't have xmas decors.haha)

money for xmas shopping - double the ex!grrr!

ham - yeah. at last, a check

cheese - i wish mickey'll be pleased to give for the benefit of the poor

my star! - haha. of course, a xmas wouldn't be complete w/o it

yuletide carols - check.yup.i could hear em sing..sorry i haven't save coins for them.tsk. talking bout crisis.

xmas parties - check. phew..

friends - a big CHECK.. hehe

forgiveness - super check.. hehe

love - check?.. hehehe

cards - hmm.. i'l think about that. hehe

apat sa taglamig.haha - yup, i have tickets. check. hehe

last year's wish - i think it's gonna be an ex. woohhh.

what else? hhmm..

home - ex.


papa bear - check

ort2 - check

ort - ex. haha!!

moy - check!

summary: out of 26 i got 9.. *sigh*.. yeah.. but it doesn't mean xmas'd be canceled. i still have the most important xmas thing one could get after all. my family. my family=my dad.=].. luvya dad. year's gonna be different. we'll be with our whooole clan. haha. but as for now, let's make the best of it together. yeah.. hehe. another thing is, Jesus.. He'll be with us.. with all of us.. Christmas must go on after all. haha!=]

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