Friday, February 29, 2008

the 29th

it's the end of feb.. our graduation's fast approaching!! huhu..
well, not that i'm motivated in making this post ryt now. i'm actualy starving and i'll just make this fast.. haha..
i made a post today because it's a not-so-ordinary-day today. hehe. it comes once in four years! so i realized if i don't make a post ryt now, i would wait for another 4 yrs til i could get to post on the 29th of feb.. bwaha. i know i don't make any sense at all. forgive me.,.

anyways.. i didn't had a very good day.. i got jealous.. eeeng!.. haha.. i haven't really smiled a lot today.. woosh..
setting: at our campus field. P.E class.. blablabla.. ouch.. haha. that's ol..

oh. i remember.. today's the birthday of our adviser in 6th grade.. haha.. hapi brthday to u..

dat's about all.. haha. this is my most senseless post(as if others have sense.haha)

let's eat..

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