Tuesday, April 8, 2008


there's actually nothing 'bout the title..just feel like saying it..hehe

well.. my fingers are running through the keys again.. don't know how to scribble things in a proper way.all i wanna do is write..write until the last drop of my emotion evaporates.. oh brother.i'm talking in riddles again.. haha..

it's tuesday..4 days to go and i'm off.. i have three short nights to stay in what i used to call our house.. and after this, i'll probably won't be here again.. i'm never gonna see the four corners of my room where i used to spend most of my lonely life.. yes.. i know it's a typical leaving-to-study-somewhere scene like most college freshmen experience but the thing is, there's a very low possibility that i'll be able to come back..woe is me..tsk2..haven't started packing. i'm thinking of stuffing whole marbel in my suitcase!!

putting optimism on the line..hhmm.. i've realized something.. maybe this is the time when i leave things behind.. things i've been holding on for quite a while.. with me at the other side of the country, i wouldn't be expecting to see someone again.. i wouldn't wait.. i couldn't go anywhere which will remind me of that someone.. i would be leaving the dream and the promise behind.. HAHA! i must've read too much novels.. hehehe..

i'll miss the streets of marbel..i'll miss my friends.. i'll miss my HS classmates.. i'll miss my bestfriend.. i'll miss not the school but some of the people i've met there.. i'll miss sir bogs and his jokes.. haha.. and his treats too.. i'll miss pee-ar..

i'll comeback someday!!i promise..

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