Thursday, April 24, 2008

si vincent..

kanina nag-iisip ako ng ipopost ko dito.. nakakita ako ng kabaliwan ng mga tao. biglang nagpop sa isip ko si vincent. vincent van gogh to be specific.. tingin ko sa kanya dati baliw. pahapyaw lang ksi yung diskusyon samin nung sir namin tungkol sa kanya eh.. pero nagayong nung narinig ko yung tribute para sa kanyang kanta, naintriga ako sa kanya. inalam ko tuloy storya niya. tas yon,,inadmire ko siya ng bonggang-bongga..hehe

pakinggan mo 'tong kanta(nag-utos talaga noh?haha). siguro familiar sau.. dedicated sa kanya(obyus ba?eh vincent nga ang title eh..)..madramang kinanta ni Don Mclean.

para sa kapakanan ng mga di daw marunong ng tagalog, iinglesin ko post na 'to..(nako,challenging to a..HAHA)

it's a song written by Don McLean as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. It is also known by its opening line, "Starry Starry Night", a reference to van Gogh's painting Starry Night. The song describes different paintings by van Gogh. It was written in 1971 after Mclean read a book about the life of the artist. The following year, it became a hit and was played daily at the Van Gogh meuseum for several years.

This is the story of van Gogh: unrecognised as an artist until after his death. The lyrics suggest that van Gogh was trying to "set [people] free" with the message in his work. McLean feels that this message was made clear to him: "And now I understand what you tried to say to me", he sings. Perhaps it is this eventual understanding that inspired McLean to write the song.

you can actually see some of his works of art in the video i've posted above.

taking an insight on his life, Van Gogh(30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch post impressionist artist. He's father was a Pastor and he grew up in a religious culture.

He produced more than 2,000 works, including around 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches, during the last ten years of his life. Most of his best-known works were produced in the final two years of his life.

The central figure in Van Gogh's life was his brother Theo, who continually and selflessly provided financial support. Their lifelong friendship is documented in numerous letters they exchanged from August 1872 onwards. Van Gogh is a pioneer of what came to be known as Expressionism. He had an enormous influence on 20th century art, especially on the Fauves and German Expressionists.

going back to the story beyond the song, poor Vincent had a tough relationship with his family. They were a wealthy family who did not accept him for his schizophrenia ("for they could not love you") and never understood his will to help the poor. It is thought that van Gogh felt that in killing himself he would make the point to his parents. This is seen in the line "Perhaps they'll listen now". Many believe that the song is a touching tribute to van Gogh in respect of the hardship he faced with regards to his mental illness and his admirable good natured ways.

There are also references to van Gogh's sanity and his suicide. Throughout his life, van Gogh was plagued with mental disorders, particularly depression. He "suffered for his sanity" and eventually "took his life, as lovers often do". The word "lover" puts into context how McLean saw the relationship of van Gogh with his art - a relationship of love. This love was strong enough for van Gogh to persevere with his art even without acceptance from his contemporaries: "For they could not love you, but still your love was true".

Vincent actually cut off part of his left ear following a breakdown in his friendship with Paul Gauguin. After this he suffered recurrent bouts of mental illness, which led to his suicide.

sometimes it just makes me wonder why people have to wait for someone to actually die before they recognize his good deeds..

but guys, whatever reason we have, it will never be valid enough to commit suicide. God is the only authority who can start and end our lives..

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mirage2g said...

Isa siya sa paborito kong pintor, at ang kanyang likha 'Irises.' At oo noon ay tingin sa kanya na baliw wala bumibili ng mga guhit nya, noong mamatay sha naging mahsl ag mga ito =D

I also like that song, which we'd use to sing while painting in art class lol. Magandang araw sa iyo!