Friday, May 2, 2008

still a secret society?

have you ever encountered a symbol that looks like this?:

it's a compass and a ruler with the letter G at tha center..the symbol of a 'secret society formed several decades ago..

because of my obsession to Dan Brown's books,i read about the Da Vinci code and Angels and Demons too. both mentioned about a secret society-- the Knights Templar. and because of my childish curiosity, i've searched further about the said society and i've come up in reading a book called the Hiram Key..

to cut a very loooong story short, the Knights Templar (also known as the Priory of Sion), have found something that others say could destroy Christian faith and because of it, the Catholic Church,as said in the book, burnt them at stake at Friday the 13th of October(it started the belief that the said date is an unfortunate day).. still, some have survived. many believe that Freemasonry was a product of the Knights Templar,even the Freemasons themselves..

*according to the book(the Hiram Key), Freemasons believe that there were actually two Jesus.the kingly one(who all Christians know as Jesus Christ. the other one is the priestly one(who we all know as John the Baptist)..the star of david symbolizes it..

---to be continued(aalis daw kmi e.haha)---

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