Saturday, May 10, 2008

happy mother's day mom..

happy mom's day to the one who brought me out to this world. thanks a lot =]

hope you're very happy and contented with your life now.where ever you are..

in case you'd like to know how my life's goes right now(just in case), well i;m fine. fine as hell. haha! kidding. i'm a-ok. thanks to my dad and my loving aunt(dad's sister). they gave their best to raise me as i am today. not that perfect but at least i've survived. thank God i'm alive!haha.

oh, i think you want to know how your ex-favorit son's going. he's fine. i think so. he's still actually waiting for you. pathetic. tsk2. he's wasted. and oh, you're already a grandmom. hahaha

unlike what everyone believes, i don't hold a grudge on you. it'll just ruin my being. i don't wanna be miserable just beacause you left us. don't worry. i'm not mad at you.. anyway, what you've done?it contributed to my personality right now. i lack self confidence. i envy complete family.haha. joke. of course it also did good to me. i learned how to stand on my own. i learned to appreciate small things, other moms, and many other stuff.

but hey, i wouldn't mind if you provide for my needs right now. it's not too late.hahaha!! after all, i badly need financial assistance right now. i'm going ti college! at last. with out your help though. but you can make it up.hahaha!..

before i forget to ask, how are you doing there? has life been good to you after leaving your problems behind? i hope it did. i hope you're in a very comfortable situation now. you're getting old. do i have other siblings already?haha. better save something for yourself. take good care of yourself,okay? kuya and dad still haven't moved on. they still care and love you. so they'll be so sad if something bad happens to you. of course i do too. i love you. those nine months you sacrificed for me won't go to nothing.. thank you.

again, happy mom's day mother. on behalf of our broken family, we love you. take care. God bless you..=]

to everyone who has their mom with them, be you're lucky. be thankful..
to every mom out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. you're one big hero.

God Bless everyone..


the donG said...

this post, i can consider as one of the best mother's day post! kita ko kasi how selfless you are. mabait kang bata.

i hope you'll get to hear from her soon. you deserve that love!

bid yan said...

hahaha! lumaki mata ko sa compliment kuya.HAHAHA!joke. well.. hehe. you didn't smell sarcasm did you?..kidding.hehe.

well, your post is the best mother's day post i've read.hehe.. thanks a lot for the visits..hehe

Dana-Debbie said...

Your post touched our hearts. Thanks for reading our blog. Take care from your friends in the US! Kuya Dana and Ate Debbie and Daniel

bid yan said...

wow. hehe.thanks foir reading my blog too. it's really something for me. take care too. and more blessings to your family.=]