Wednesday, May 14, 2008

tears vs rain

may 12, 2008. Monday. a not-so-good day for me. i just heard something that's actually not that bad but enough to make me explode. it made me think:"that's it! i had enough of everything already. enough of my ever miserable life."

i have too many problems; family, brain, money, and more on family.. i felt all alone. nobody cared to asked if i'm okay. i don't have anyone to talk to. i have problems on controlling my tears, you know. so i hid in a dark room where i can let it all out. i don't want anyone to see me. they'll never understand me..

so there i was. still trying to stop my freagin' tears. i'm a failure. it was so hard coz i have to make no sound.. if people in the Oscar's could only see me that very moment, boy i could be nominated as a drama queen!

minutes passed but i'm still crying. damn.. it suddenly rained. it rained hard. i could see the raindrops outside the window. then tracing where it came from, i ended up looking at the sky. heaven. i thought of God. why? why did He gave me this life?! why does He want me to be miserable?!

i looked back at the rain drops. then i saw my tear drops on the floor. it almost evaporated. but the rain drops didn't. it made up a flood. then i've realized one thing that struck me.
my tears are nothing in the rain. i thought of other street children who only wished to eat three times a day but they can't. and still they don't lose hope. they still portray happy faces. and here i am. i can eat whenever i want to. i go to school. i stay in a comfortable house but here i am. crying my soul out. blaming God for everyting. i've realized that there's a lot more problems in this world worse than mine. if we sum it all up, my problems could be invisible..

God made it rain for me to realize that my tears are nothing compared to it. that my problems are nothing compared to others'. i learned to count my blessings. and at the end of the day, i realized that i'm lucky. no. more than that, i'm blessed. no more tears


the donG said...

that's the real bid yan. strong and now there's wisdom.

problems are always there but in the end it's your perspective and the way you stand back counts.

take note, God will not count how many you'll fall but he'll count how many times you stood up.

expect more problems... it simply means, gear your self for this.

Antoine Greg Flores said...

thank God nalang dear and seek for His help because at the end of the day....He's the one who will never leave nor forsake you...trials are there to make us stronger and test our faith with God.

when we have nothing, we people remember God. so let it be a good start of your personal relationship with God, trust Him. Everything will be fine.

Parehas malang ta gali manug college! di mo ko pag tawagon kuya, hehehe!

listen to the music link above nami na ! God bless!

1st day of klass namun subong adlaw..hehehe!

Antoine Greg Flores said...
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bid yan said...

kuya dom: waw.. thanks.. hehe

an2an:salamat rn..ΓΌ i've visited the site already. nice songs.. my friends in YFC always play them.. hehe

bid yan said...

keep rocking for God!!!!