Friday, June 20, 2008

guess what. i'm in our school's computer room. hehe. i've finished our task earlier than my other classmates so i'm taking the chance to use the internet.bwaha.i'm lucky blogpot isn't blocked here..
one problem. what am i gonna post here. i'm not prepared with a topic!.. hmm. okay. i'll call it "my everyday life"..heehee

on weekdays i usually wake up around 8am(if i wake up earlier, i'll be the one who'll buy bread!).. then i'll eat breakfast. hot pandesal filled with cheese and dipped in hot chocolate(i don't just drink.i dip.haha)

after breakfast, i'll fix myself and if i don't have homeworks, i'll help in our refilling station.i wash bottles!psehwey. at around 11, i'll eat lunch and take a bath.getting ready for school. i'll take few steps to the highway and run to the nearest jeepney passing by.haha.

after class, it's either i wait for a jeepney right infront of our school or if i'm hungry, i'll take a walk to a nearby ministop. i'll buy my favorite kariman.hehe. then i'll take an overpass again and ride a jeepney. going back to marikina, we would pass by a bridge going up then down. i love the nice view of marikina when we're at the peek so i'll stop eavesdropping or observing other passengers when we're there.hehe

i'll take a walk going home again and sleep. then wake up for dinner and watch tv. and sleep. the end. hehe

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