Sunday, June 8, 2008

moved on XD

i now officially announce that i've moved on.haha!--from pity party.. i don't feel bad for myself that much anymore. even when i'm being surrounded by smart people. haha! i.don' i almost felt proud that i didn't pass. hahaha.kidding

a friend invited me to come with them on their outing. with their mentor and other scholars form the university(you know what i mean.haha). we've visited coffee-painter sunshine plata. i tell you. she's cool! hehe. her works are amazing. i love the sketches she showed us(she told us those were just doodlings she made while in class!!haha. but they were great).. i just listened to their "journalistic" actual interview with her. one of us asked her how she came up with using coffee as a medium of painting. her answer was quite funny. she said that she asked money from her mother to buy oil paint. her mother told her it was too expensive but then she bargained for just three--the primary colors. then she went to the store and asked for the price of one but she was answered like "mahal 'yon miss eh"("it's too expensive miss").. haha. she told us she was like "ouch. feeling niya hindi ko kayang bilhin 'yon. oo nga di ko kaya pero humingi naman ako ng pera ah.hehehe" while laughing. then she decided not to buy instead. she said she had the idea when she saw a signature of an artist using coffee.. and that was it. instead of expensive paints, why not use coffee?.. smart decision.hehe. i really adored her works. i know she'll be really famous someday. and guess what. she from marikina too. kabayan.. hehehe.. unfortunately, i was too shy to take a picture of her with me. haha. never mind. cheers for her..

after the chitchats with her, we went boating by the riverbanks. yehey.. hehe. it was fun. and tiresome too. and for a long time i stayed here, i didn't know i can rent a bike there. looks like i found a new hang out place. hehe.. we went to see the word's largest shoe in the riverbanks mall(i've seen it for how many times already but never tried to touch or even come close).. and after that.,. a couple of talks and walks then they decided to go back to diliman. i was left.

then after the long day, i treated myself with my favorite frost blend and some munchkins(coz i only have a hundred bucks left!).. and then i realized.. i do not envy smart people anymore. i don't feel sorry for myself coz i did not pass upcat. bwahaha


the donG said...

so saan ka na mag-aaral ngayon? uste? that's a nice school.

kakatuwa naman at na meet mo si sunshine kasi sa internet ko lang sya na interview.

bid yan said...

uste?asa pa 'ko kuya.. hehe... late na ko masyado para maghanap ng maayos na school.. so napunta ako sa psba. lilipat na lang siguro ako next sem hopefully.wishfully.prayfully.. lol!

oo nga. ang cool. hehe. 'di ko ineexpect. kakabasa ko lang pala nung interview mo with her. ganun-ganon din sagot niya samin.. hehe..ang cool niya talaga..

bid yan said...
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