Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i just have to tell everyone that i felt so happy last Sunday. not because of any anybody or any material stuff but because i felt His love again. i know, He never did stop loving anyone of us but sometimes it's just up to us if we let Him in our hearts or not.

He really does things at the right time. just when i decided to live a not-so-Christian life, He really made a way to tell me NO.
it was like He was calling me. i made up my mind not to attend mass that day and have a long day of rest. but 3 of my friends invited me to their church. separately. hehe. so i really felt like i have to go with one of them. uninterestedly, i went with one because we really had talked about going out and eating. on the way, i found myself in a jeep listening to a preacher. she was talking about God's love for us. i was just so amazed that she did that for God even if only two of all the passengers are listening..even if some think she's out of her mind..even if others weren't so polite and didn't know the word respect.she gave all her effort just to let us understand the reading. i asked myself "You're a Christian. right? Why can't you be like her?".. i felt ashamed of myself.

see? i received 4 signs that He really wants me back. but still, i wasn't that convinced[and i call myself a Christian?! tisk tisk].

we didn't attend a Catholic mass. she brought me to a fellowship. i saw all the instruments and the stage, and all the cool stuff.. ooohh.. and 'ooopps! stop right there girl. you are not gonna buy that again. you've been in this scenario before. remember? being a worshipful dummy?' i was so scared that i might want to join them just because i enjoyed and not because of the true meaning of worship. but the 'mass'(i don't know how they call it) went really well. in fact, it was so well that i'm thinking of being converted. yes, i enjoyed. i enjoyed because i really felt His presence. i enjoyed because i think, it's what he wants for me. i enjoyed because i can clearly understand the preaching of their pastor and can really relate to it. i want to go there every Sunday. i want to learn more about their church before i get converted.

"For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
-john 3:16

--of all the verses in the bible, this is the only one in my memory. this verse keeps me going. and this verse makes me want to read all the other verses.=]

before i end this post, i just wanna leave you this short message: If only we let Him in our hearts, He will never ever go out. =]

God Bless c:

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the donG said...

amen to this! God is definitely worth praising.