Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Filipino deeds revealed in jeepneys..

my only way of transporting back and forth my school and our house is the very famous jeepneys here in the Philippines. first, because it's way cheaper than any other rides, second, they come with free hair blower(haha) and last but definitely not the least, i have no choice!=]

-The Pinoy Jeepney-

[thanks to jay!!!! on for the upload]

i actually enjoy riding it.. i'm the kind of person who likes to observe(in tagalog, usisera!haha!).. i always observe my fellow passengers for me to not get bored while travelling. i've witnessed many deeds being done in the four sides of the said transportation device. and indeed, they are very pinoy.! hehe

one very often scene in the jeepney is when one passenger pays for his fare and he sits far from the driver. he will ask(not command) a person to pass it on to another person, and to another, and to another(well, you get the point) until the money gets in the hands of the driver. he also use the very polite pinoy words which are 'po and opo'..

another scene is when one passenger has with him kids. (kids are not obliged to pay if they just sit on the lap of the older person he's with). another passenger would volunteer to let the other kid sit on his lap given the fact that he doesn't even know them.

when an old person enters, almost everyone will be concerned and would try to help him get in and sit down safe and sound.

if you really don't have money, other jeepney drivers let you ride provided that you'll hang at the back and hold tightly. or if you are a poor little kid, he'll let you get in if there are still available seats.

four guys hanging and sitting behind the jeepney. but i bet they paid. they don't look like they don't have money.hehe.. i think there's just no seats available.
[thanks to manfrommanila on for the upload]

everybody rides jeepneys. we don't pick who's gonna be at our sides or what kind of jeepney we ride. we don't care how it smells whenever. everyone moves closer to each other so that other people can be able to ride, we don't take advantage of the driver's memory if we have paid or not. their slogan is "God knows Hudas not pay"--a typical filipino joke which really means God knows WHO DOES not pay."Hudas" is the tagalog name for JUDAS (as in Judas Escariot. a biblical character who betrayed his Master).it is a playful way of saying that you are like Judas if you don't pay your jeepney fare.

two persons making their selves fit on the single seat at the front.. there's the saying at the upper right portion.
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a lady making sure she pays her fare before the jeepney gets filled with passengers and she forgets to do so.
[thanks to angrylittleboy on for the upload]

that's the pinoy jeepney. and that's the pinoy spirit..=]


beth said...

Thanks for this article. I submitted it to Philippines News Vote so that the Filipinos who never experienced jeeps can at least get a little feel for it. Lovely photos by the way.

the donG said...

i love the philippine jeepney! colorful ones can be found in baguio.

it's nice to know that you're back.mukup

BCS said...

Hi bid yan, I've just made a couple of posts regarding jeepneys and was trying to find others who have done the same... and... I found yours... I like your positive attitude... :)