Thursday, August 14, 2008

worshipful dummies..

i've thought of writing this post a long time ago, back then when i attended a fellowship. i just didn't have the time. .to clear things up, it's not within my intentions to offend people.. it's just that sometimes i, too, follow along this wrong track.. sometimes, i tend to just believe in what is convenient for me to believe. sometimes we really forget about the real meaning of worship.
often times when i attend fellowships or church meetings, i see people singing songs of praise with all their efforts looking like they really mean what they're saying. they even clap their hands and sway their bodies with the worship songs like they are really devoted to it.. and the only thing missing in the scene is a halo for everyone!.. some kneel. some even cry as if they realize their mistakes and are ready to surrender their lives to Him. and believe me, they are convincing.. when i was new in this business, i'm always left teary-eyed because of amazement to these people. teary-eyed trying to ask myself 'why can't i be like them?'why can't i do this and that..
now, after having my fair share of it, i'm still left with a question. but a different one: "what's worship after all?? "

i call them worship dummies. well, actually, sometimes i tend to become one of them.. they are the people i've mentioned above, whom at times, look like very religious people almost waiting to be canonized by the pope!some even criticize others who do not go to church that often..but you know what?i was very disappointed when i saw the real them out of their churches.without their religious masks. it seems they don't apply the meaning of their songs on daily basis. some act worse than those who do not attend mass that often. it really hurts to see those people who i used to admire going around messing up with their saint-like images.. boo-hoo.

there are so many forms of worship other than singing. i'm not saying we must stop doing it. what i'm saying is, before singing with those matching tears then raising your hand or other actions, or doing even any form of worship, think first. do you really know the meaning of what you are doing? do you really mean it?do you really offer it to God??.. coz if you're just going to church to see someone,,if you switch religion just because it's fun being in their group,, if you're just singing the worship songs because you like the melody,,or just to impress people,,--- then you're just a jerk wasting your time messing up with the image of godly people. worst is, you're an ass using God's name for your sake. you're worshipping the song dude. you're worshipping the enjoyment you'll experience. not Him. i've had my fair share of being one of you. now i've realized. i'm not that faithful at all. well at least i don't put His name in vain.. at least i don't worship musical pieces. at least i don't worship people..

i think there's nothing wrong in these forms of worship. i salute to all those pastors and fellowship groups. the wrong thing is the people who contaminate them.

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pensucks said...

nice blog! yeah, maraming klase ng worship. hmmm...