Friday, October 3, 2008


i've just watched an episode of a tv show called 'the correspondents'. the topic was about people who get left-overs from the garbage..and what's next? they recook them..and EAT them.can you just imagine a garbage bag full of yucky stuff? i'm sure you won't even drink from someone else's cup if you don't know him. but them, they eat food from the garbage. some would even sell it. many of them depend on it as their way of living. they don't have much choice. they don't know other job. they don't have money to buy the right food.anytime they could just die because of illness from the dirty food they eat.

imagine their life. other people do not realise that. they frown infront of their dining tables because they don't like the menu for the day or they're dreaming for a better one. they don't even know how to thank God for it. some people just don't know how to appreciate.