Thursday, November 27, 2008

judge my eyes..

is it just me or do these stars look like twins???=]

Sarah Palin-Tina Fey
The controversial former Republican vp candidate and the Emmy award winning actress. Okay, okay. I’ve noticed it because Tina impersonated her in SNL that was always shown in sneak peek form in E! News. I have to say, Tina Fey is so-much-more-very pretty than


Megan Fox - Bárbara Mori
The always-included-in-the-A-list sexy Megan and Barbara who’s also sexy and famous to us Filipinos as Rosalinda. Just look at their facial features. So much alike to me. Barbara looks more similar to Megan than Angelina does but Angelina-Megan pair up is more famous.

Keira Knightley - Natalie Portman
The funny thing is that Keira, before starring in the highly successful 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise, began her career playing one of Queen Amidala's companions and decoys in the first 'Star Wars' prequel. In fact, she got the job because she looked so much like Natalie. I’m still confused sometimes!lol.

America Ferrera - Jordin Sparks
Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera had finally found her twin in the body of American Idol Jordin Sparks. Just look at their cheekbones. =]


Johnny Depp - Skeet Ulrich
Mr. Jack Sparrow kinda looks like Skeet Ulrich--who I do not really know. lol! I just found his picture and thought he was Johnny.

Elijah Wood - Daniel Radcliffe
Elijah Wood - Daniel Radcliffe
both have acted in such successful franchises 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Harry Potter.' poor daniel's always mistaken as elijah in Australia. tsk.tsk. can you believe he just signed a fan's album using Elijah's name to avoid disapointment?? They look alike especially with all those beards and Elijah’s hotter.

Jessica Alba - Marlene Favela
The owner of a face I really wanna have and also always included in A-list, Jessica Alba, and Marlene Favela, who is a star of a ‘telenovela’ which I forgot the title.XD don’t they just look alike?

Julian McMahon - Matthew Rhys
They could easily pass as brothers, wouldn't you agree? Julian of Fantastic 4 and Mat of Brothers&Sisters showed in Studio23 here in the Philippines. I just didn’t get their angle.

Will Ferrell – Chad Smith
The Comedian with his latest movie, Step Brothers, and the drummer of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Won’t pass as just brothers. Their twins! =]

Russell crowe – ben mckenzie
On my view, the Gladiator looks like a lil older version of ben who has a self-titled show. Whatya think?

Ben Affleck - Matthew Fox
Okay. I was just unable to find the right pictures. But they’d still pass as brothers.

Saddam Hussein – Victor French
Haha! No comment.


Kofi Annan of Ghana - Morgan Freeman
United Nations Secretary and the actor. Okay. Not so.

Donatella Versace - Janice the Muppet
HAHAHA! peace. it’s kind of a very flattering statement for Janice.haha. Donatella’s a fashion icon(duh.the Versace) she’s got a lot of money. Ka-ching!$ ka-ching!$ xD

Clay Aiken - Chucky
The Broadway star and the serial killer-- who happens to be a doll. LOL!

David Archuleta - Eddie Munster
The singer, and the CBS sitcom star. What a match. lol. I would not have included this coz I love Archie but heck, it won’t hurt. hehe. Besides, Eddie’s cute too. :D

Madonna - Cher
there’s not much to say. They’re famous enough. And they look like each other with the exception to their!

Of course, I’ve added some of our very own actresses who look like Hollywood stars.

Regine Tolentino – Ashley Tisdale
It took me some time to find their picture coz I forgot Regine’s name!gr! plus, I can’t find the right picture where they could really be compared good.

Demi Lovato – Lea Salongga
the first time I saw Demi on Camp Rock, i’ve noticed the similarity, especially when she sang This Is Me while playing the piano. I just couldn’t find a younger picture of lea with her bangs too.

Madam Auring – Michael Jackson
Okay. They don’t look that similar at all. But they’re connected by the looks of something. Can’t say. I can be sued. Haha. Peace. If it takes me off the hook, I’ll say MJ was handsome – before he turned into something like!

Pokwang – Lucy Liu
Admit it. They do look alike. My cousin is appealing here. Are they both hot? I think it’s in the eyes and jaw and I don’t know. Maybe they’re separated at birth.LOL!

So that’s about it. I can’t get a name off the tip of my tongue but I know there are so many celebs who seems separated at birth. If you can remember one except above, you add it on the comments..

oh! i almost forgot two of my fave!=]

Hannah Montana - Miley Cyrus
"it's really you but no one ever discovered?"hehe.ü i just love miley and her show

Penelope - Amanda
they're both from The Amanda Show. the star and her number 1 fan. ironic, isn't it?lol! it's just so sad they've never EVER met..XD but seriously, it really didn't occur to other viewers that they look absolutely the same! like they are just one person!LOL!


i've been a litl bit hooked up with the movies lately(it's the best i can do.haha. so to help atleast
maybe someone(haha) which movie to watch in cinemas or dvd to rent, listed 'em & gave my not-so-intellligent reasons why other people(if not i) watched these films and short comments. ..

BOLT (2008)- aside from i like miley and mr. travolta, Bolt's so cute!!!=D the movie's so nice. i cried.XD

-okay. it's so obvious why. lol! it's based from a true story. though i'm kinda sad coz it's not one of her thrilling movies. it's a drama for crap's sake!gr. but that's okay. she still rocks. hehe

COLLEGE -(2008) Drake Bell
-uhm. maybe coz i'm in college too. lol. i don't know.. the movie's kida familiar. it's actually like Naked Mile.

SUPERHERO MOVIE(2008) - Drake Bell.again.
-i was just curious how Drake performed 2 movies showed on the same, the trailer's funny. it just has a stain of lameness.

TWILIGHT (2008)- Robert Pattinson
-robert is a hottie as they say, it's really a plus plus plus factor for the movie. another reason is that it was based on a best selling-book..or maybe it's actually the other way around. the book's almost harder to find now coz it's "in". other non-novel-readers buy it though they really don't wanna read it. harhar. number three, the tagline is catchy(my opinion.=D) and also the trailer. and oh, have i mentioned that robert is a hottie?lol!

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO(2008) - Seth Rogen, Elisabeth Banks
-because of it's title!LOLSH! of course i'm kidding douche. i haven't watched it. heehee

MADAGASCAR 2(2008) - Ben Stiller
-because i like Skipper!lol! it's so funny.=]

QUANTUM OF SOLACE(2008) - Daniel Craig
-can i say because of his blue piercing eyes that have the liscence to kill?! suweet. make you melt!XD and of course, James Bond is a legend that pobably became a reason it became a hit. but it's not a movie for me.hehe.

SISTERHOOD OF TRAVELING PANTS 2(2008) - Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl girl, and the two others.XD
- i was just so curious with the title. hehe. & the trailer was good. the movie was nice. they went all the way to Greece just to find the pants!:D sweet.

- i just watched it because of my cousin. but it's lame i tell you.. liyeeem!!!! i so hate hector simpson-everyday!haha!

KEITH(2008) - Jesse McCartney
-so intriguing for me. had no clue of the storyline before i watched and it was out in cinemas only after 5 long years. the movie is good but has a sad ending. very sad.

SOCCERMOM(2008) - Emily Osment
-because i love Emily aka lilly Tcot slash lola luftnagle XD. i love the movie. it's so touching.

KUNG FU PANDA(2008) - Angelina JOLIE and Jackie Chan were there.
-figure! haha!

-duh?! Angelina. of course.:D really great! no money and time wasted.ü lurve it!

STEP BROTHERS(2008)- Will Ferrell, John i-don't-know
-damn! Will Ferrell really looks so much like Red Hot's Chad Smith. except that, i didn't like the movie so much. i just watched i coz of my couzin.again. it's about a couple of douche bags that also look like nutbags at times. you can't really tell. LOL!

also included not-so-recent movies that can be found in rentals.

SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION(1994) - Morgan Freeman
-really really not new.:D i've watched it long before and i watched it again. why watch? it's teh number one movie of all time, that's why! it's touching, genius, blabla. a story of hope. but kinda gross if you'd imagine how one could crawl inside a narrow tunnel full of crap! watch it.

BRING IT ON 3(2006) - Hayden Panettierre
-all because i love"save the cheerleader,save the world"!

JUNO(2007) - Ellen Page
-i actually watched it because of it's poster!lol. but it's great. so is the movie.

please help me too.. suggest some good movies=] pls..=]

Sunday, November 23, 2008


hey, you've read the title, right?? so if you're still reading, then probably: A. reverse psychology works for you; B. you just want to waste your time; or C. you just looove breaking the So the punishment of being one of those three is spending the next minutes of your life reading the randomness of my thoughts. ;D

i haven't blog for like 2 months now. i was just too "busy" watching movies. now here i am scribbling again because i have pretty much no one to talk know, one who can understand a bff.. not like i have so much to tell though.

one of my 'wildest' dreams as a kid has come true.. you know, i used to wish for unlimited access to TV slash movies slash internet,sleep as late as i want to, and everything i want to do. and guess what, now i have all the time in the world! yee-ha! of course you know what i mean. so now almost everyday, i have all the time to be with Spikey.

if it wasn't for Spikey, i don't know how else could i make the hands of the clock turn around and make it tick then tack. so it's me and Spikey now. friends forever. LOLSM!

oh, i've mentioned Spikey's name for over three times(now's fourth)but i haven't introduced him. he's actually the laptop. you see, i'm so addicted to the virtual world now that i almost don't wanna be separated from it. maybe it's because it's my one ticket to escape from the real world...coz right now i feel like a douche bag in the real world. i don't know my worth and my future. but until things'll be certain to me, i decided to continue to be the virtual zealot because it's all i can have as a therapy at the moment.

oh, have i mentioned i had been having headaches when waking up? i think i've found out the answer yesterday.--i think it's because i have so pleasant dreams that i wanted to stay there and not wake up and face reality again..

there goes life..