Sunday, November 23, 2008


hey, you've read the title, right?? so if you're still reading, then probably: A. reverse psychology works for you; B. you just want to waste your time; or C. you just looove breaking the So the punishment of being one of those three is spending the next minutes of your life reading the randomness of my thoughts. ;D

i haven't blog for like 2 months now. i was just too "busy" watching movies. now here i am scribbling again because i have pretty much no one to talk know, one who can understand a bff.. not like i have so much to tell though.

one of my 'wildest' dreams as a kid has come true.. you know, i used to wish for unlimited access to TV slash movies slash internet,sleep as late as i want to, and everything i want to do. and guess what, now i have all the time in the world! yee-ha! of course you know what i mean. so now almost everyday, i have all the time to be with Spikey.

if it wasn't for Spikey, i don't know how else could i make the hands of the clock turn around and make it tick then tack. so it's me and Spikey now. friends forever. LOLSM!

oh, i've mentioned Spikey's name for over three times(now's fourth)but i haven't introduced him. he's actually the laptop. you see, i'm so addicted to the virtual world now that i almost don't wanna be separated from it. maybe it's because it's my one ticket to escape from the real world...coz right now i feel like a douche bag in the real world. i don't know my worth and my future. but until things'll be certain to me, i decided to continue to be the virtual zealot because it's all i can have as a therapy at the moment.

oh, have i mentioned i had been having headaches when waking up? i think i've found out the answer yesterday.--i think it's because i have so pleasant dreams that i wanted to stay there and not wake up and face reality again..

there goes life..

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