Sunday, March 1, 2009

age discrimination

i desperately need a prove that, i've been in all freaking job fairs i knew but i am just not that qualified. why? because i'm just darn 17.. i'v even passed an initial interview for a certain call center but i was dumped on the final because of my age..there's only 6 months left and i'm turning 18. i can not wait for 6 long months more. how could i survive for crap's sake. why do mr.who-ever-he-is had to make a friggin' labor code that prohibits us minors to earn money?can't they understand that not everyone has the capacity to be smart and be a scholar so that he/she could go to school even he/she doesn't have the parents , who are actually supposed to be in charge, to support em?? they're so proud of the freakin' code because they thought they've saved many minors because of it. well crap!! kill me if you haven't seen minors work at the street earning coins because they can't have descent jobs. they're all about talk and brag. anyway, i'll just be wasting my time if i'd go through this topic further.. bottom line is, i need a job. do you know a descent job that accepts a 17 yr old?please let me know. leave a comment. or text me.09207503821. thanks

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the donG said...

wow! you're serious here. hmmm... not sure if there is really a job for underage. but maybe you can do clerical jobs for the meantime. or you might as well do tutorials where you dont need to apply for a job, but you just need to look for clients.