Sunday, June 21, 2009


one thing i despise about my melancholic life is the part when i am unoccupied - and i tell you, it’s not once in a blue moon. i hate staring at nothingness and seeing how my life could be worse - so i became good at finding ways to getting away from it. i get the hands of the clock moving by watching movies, listening to music, feeding up my tiny brain with researching nonsense did-you-knows, and……reading books.

my teeth bites it down, draining the ink from the pages, sucking harder and harder, as though my life depend on it.. till i become the main character in the novel, the protagonist of all time.. i built this world where it’s all about me. bwahaha! talk about narcissism. sometime i lost contact with the earth and often times i just don’t care what’s happening there anymore.

but i’m not saying i’m a bookworm. i don’t have what it takes to be one. first off, i’m not patient with books and i don’t read that often. and then i can’t have all the books i!

so here’s the thing, i’m afraid my social life has gone away beyond my reach and now all i can handle to be with are books and this one in front of me.. and suprisingly, i’m contented with it - which makes me kinda creeped out. so i’m calling vanessa-to-earth emergency.hahaha

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