Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bye 2009.

it's the last day of the most significant year of my life. most significant not just because of the happiness i am experiencing right now but because of all the lessons i've learned and boy it was a blast! i'm blogging now coz i just wanna have a quick recap of the big events that had happened this year and the lessons they thaught me..

first off, early this year i experienced being out of school. i was so close to losing hope and almost threw my dreams away. now i really appreciate being in school and i'm really enjoying it.

because i didn't have anything to do with my life those days, i tried to find a job. i realized how hard it is to find a job without a diploma(not to mention the right age). i experienced how the douche bags on the little higher positions deal with the employees, like they're the most important people in the world.seesh. i promised myself i won't treat anyone like that if ever i'll be on the position. i learned how hard it is to earn money. of course saving money comes with it.but i also loved the feeling of spending the money i've worked hard for. it's really not a joke to make a living on your own.

i think Ondoy gave me the greatest lesson. when the water was rising inside the house i didn't think of any material stuff that i could loose. i didn't think of the school papers that could be ruined(well ok maybe a with all honesty i didn't really got scared of dying at all(with the fact that we've heard of the death of those who reside at the nearby village and the fast water current). in the face of death you'll know all your real priorities in life. you'll realize what's really the most important stuff and most of all you'll realize how every second of your life counts. :) after the flood i also knew the people who REALLY cares. :)

and lastly, the greatest event was that i met my mom again this year after a decade :D i feel complete now. i don't hold any grudge to anyone anymore and i learned about acceptance better. and as if i wasn't happy enough yet, i met my brothers:)

2009 changed me so much i can say i'm a different person now from last year. plans enhanced, priorities changed and my view on life became colorful :) i'll surely never forget this year in my entire life!