Thursday, April 22, 2010


i've lost a friend last night. we've lost a good teacher. two kids have lost their loving father. the world lost one great man...

sir bogs. u've been an inspiration. you were never just a teacher to me. man, you were like a father and a very good friend. you were one of the most genuine people i've known in my life. i'm sorry i never had a chance to accomplish my promise. i will never ever forget you sir. you'll forever be a part of my life..

it's so unfair. how can i tell you to rest in peace when i know you don't wanna leave your children. i guess time will heal. maybe He has a purpose. i don't know. wherever you are right now sir, i know you'll keep on watching over your kids. i hope someday you'll be happy there. we'll all see each other next time. we love you sir!='( i'm holding this stuff toy you gave me. i'll treasure this forever. sana marinig mo po ako T.T

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