Sunday, July 18, 2010

so that's why he looked so familiar..

i am very fond of reincarnation and stuff and look at this, real life reincarnation! emagawsh! haha!

this right here, was Jean Paul Mounet:

he died febuary of 1922. familar, huh? well take a look at this:

you know him, right? keanu reeves. he's alive and kicking.
creepy.. i know @_@
and i know this is old news but i just noticed paul mounet's portrait first then googled it and found the gave me the goosebumps >_< try to find it too..:)


Probinsyana07 said...

honga no?! they have the same eyes..

Harlequin said...

Beethoven: Malsteen

Chopin: Bettencourt

Shakespeare: Luhrmann

Haydn: Ferry

Mozart... Hellequin

Eva Perone: Lourdes Ciccone

To name a few